This is Simpleton, a free Display Typeface

This is Simpleton, a free Display Typeface

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Simpleton is a display typeface that is a light-hearted response to the concept of simplicity in design.

As Simpleton was only intended as display face we freely admit it does not work for long texts. To be quite frank anything over about 15-20 words is a challenge. But that’s not the point of Simpleton. Simpleton is a piece of fun, so enjoy it for what it is.

The letterforms were first used for Ligature Journal issue five, our issue on the theme of, you guessed it, simplicity. Emily Ouch, one of the designers of issue five, created the basic forms. We liked what she had done so much that Tiliqua Press co-owner, Felix Oppen, expanded the character/glyph set into a fully workable typeface. There is only one weight, Simpleton Regular and it is only available in .OTF file format.

The Simpleton typeface is free to use for personal and/or commercial purposes. No payment is necessary to use this typeface for personal or commercial use. However, you should be aware that in downloading this typeface we will gather contact limited information and my, from time to time send you promotional information about products from Tiliqua Press Pty Ltd. We will never knowingly hand your information to any third party.

While the Simpleton typeface is free for you to use however you want, a sample of your product would be gratefully appreciated. If it is a physical object you have made we would love to have one otherwise digital examples will suffice. Please come back to for contact details. If you post it online we would appreciate it if you could tag the example as #simpletontypeface. We would just love to see our typeface in use.

You can find out more about Ligature Journal at the website.