Welcome to the inaugural edition of Ligature Journal, Issue Zero – Recreating the New. As young designers we are constantly encouraged to think outside the box, push the limits on our designs and always be flexible in what we make.

However, it’s often easy to fall into a trap, where one can create something beautiful and striking, we often tend to cling to these works as our best and never push them any further. Essentially taking the creativity out of the design process and relying on past successes or variations of.

At Ligature we want to “recreate the new”. That is to take what already exists, break it down and turn it into something else, something fresh and vibrant and that pushes our limits as designers.


Include Prof. Peter MacDonald, Alex Torcutti, James T. Edmonson, Neil Barnett, Andrew Barnum, Mike MacKay, Pia Betton, Matt Leach, Laurie Goodridge, Silvia Daminao and Jamie Engel.


92 pages
Grange Offset from KW Doggett
4C process
Print managed by SEED Print Group

About the Journal:

Ligature Journal is a title that is owned by Tiliqua Press but has been set up to provide real world experience opportunities for communication design students. For each issue students find and/or create all the content, design, lay out, creating imagery (both illustration and photography) as needed and take the publication through production process. They also do most of the marketing of the journal.

This issue has been put together by students at Billy Blue College of Design, Ultimo Sydney, mentored by Kuen Kam, Felix Oppen and Kate Riley.

If you haven't already visited the Ligature Journal website you can see more spreads here.