Ligature Journal 'Place' Pack Issues 7-9

Ligature Journal 'Place' Pack Issues 7-9

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This pack brings together our three issue series on Design and Place Ligature Journal into a single collection. With this third three pack of issues you will get—Issue Seven (Design & Place : Mind), Issue Eight (Design & Place : Soul) and Issue Nine (Design & Place : Body)—sent to you in one tidy bundle for you to enjoy.

The two-way interaction between Design and Place creates a vast landscape to traverse. Even by devoting three issues to it we cannot hope to provide a definitive survey of that terrain. We place no explicit constraints on our contributors, and they never fail to amaze us with how they meet the challenges we set them.

The Issues

In Issue Seven we have an impassioned call to us as designers to reframe our relationship with our world before we kill it, and us. We follow up on two Sydney Design Festival presentations—a project involving extreme users and place from digital agency ustwo, and a virtual exhibition of very physical objects from a group of creatives from UNSW Art & Design. And we caught up with Annette Harcus to get her thoughts on design in Australia. She is a 2018 inductee to the AGDA Hall of Fame. Read More about this issue.

Issue Eight being a Soul issue means we are exploring psychological, philosophical and spiritual ideas around Design and Place. These ideas have thrown up some interesting questions. Does place really exist or is it just in our imagination? And what does this mean for designers? Are design and place actually connected? Can you separate place from self and design? What influence does place have on design and vice versa? How do designers define a ‘good place’? Read More about this issue.

To Issue Nine we bring considerations of Indigenous consultation, a new approach to low-cost housing, rethinking aged care, designing for the vulnerable and much more. This issue was produced during in a world changed by COVID-19. It is clear that considerations of Design and Place have become more pertinent than ever. When the world changes in a way that we lose access to, or have to totally rethink, how we use places we thought were almost immutable, we as designers need to be at the forefront of this rethinking. Read More about this issue.

Explore before you buy

Please feel free to visit the Ligature Journal website. There you will find, available for you to read for free, a selection of articles published in full or in part from each of these and other issues.