We are always interested in what you as a designer have to say. If you would like to contribute, here are a few ways to go about it.

The Theme

Each issue of Ligature Journal has a theme which provides focus for that issue. The theme also allows us to gather writing from different design disciplines and let them rub up against each other to see what connections can be made. If you feel inspired by an upcoming theme, please get in touch. Find out about the upcoming theme(s).

Emerging Designer

We find the energy and potential of young creatives inspiring. In each issue of Ligature Journal, and on our website, we profile designers at the start of their careers in order to share that energy, and their experiences, with a wider audience. So if you know an emerging designer who deserves the spotlight, or are one, we want to know. Find out about what you need to send us.

The Project

Every year postgraduate design students around the country are doing ground-breaking research, and applying innovative design thinking to a host of problems and issues that we face, as humans and as a society. Sadly, much of this work never gets heard beyond the walls of academia. With ‘The Project’ Ligature Journal examines some of this amazing work. Do you have a project you would like to share? Find out about what to tell us about your project.

The Question

As a working designer, you may not have the time nor, perhaps, the inclination to contribute a piece of extended writing relating to our theme. This doesn’t mean you don’t have something to say that we might want to hear. The Question is a segment in each printed issue of Ligature Journal in which we pose a theme-related question to a dozen or so designers.

Their responses are usually short, no more than a couple of paragraphs (up to about 200 words). You can do that! The question for each issue is formulated by the design team during production. So, if you like the theme and want to take part, then send us a ‘hoy’ via the Ligature Journal contact page and we’ll ask you the question at the appropriate time.