World Book Day 2019

World Book Day 2019

World Book Day 2019

World Book Day was created to honor the author Miguel de Carvantes, first on the 7th of October and then later changed to the 23rd of April, his death date. Coincidentally this date was also the anniversary of William Shakespeare, Henry Vaughan, Inca Garcilaso de la Vega and many other prominent authors. While it would be enlightening to read books from these authors, we've created a list of design-centered books that covers the interesting, historical and just technical books of design.

So, read on but just a note, some of these might be hard to track down.

The Interesting Read: Purple Anthology (By Olivier Zahm (Editor), Elein Fleiss, Martynka Wawrzyniak)

Purple was the ultimate fashion magazine, revolutionising the fashion magazine world. By the 1990s it linked the art and fashion worlds as never seen before. Purple has spurred on trends that have trickled down to publications around the world. This volume,Purple Anthology, celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of PURPLE, bringing together the best from the magazine's archives. Each chapter covers a different year in the lift of art and fashion from 1992 to 2006.

The Historical Read: Featherstone (By Geoff Isaac)

This is the first book to celebrate the life and work of Grant Featherston (1992-1995), a Melbourne-based industrial designer known for his Contour chairs. It's safe to say that almost every Australian has sat on a Grant Featherston chair at some point in their life. The collection 'Contour chairs' was designed and developed in the early 950s and remains to be a highly south after design by mid-century modern collectors, in Australia and overseas. Although the design has been highly sought after, there was very little published on this Australian designer. Featherston is the result of over four years of research, covering the period from the late 1940s to the mid-1970s.

The Technical Read: Decodeunicode (By Johannes Bergerhausen, Siri Poarangan)

It's no secret that your keypad holds a massive treasure trove of symbols and characters deep within its bowels, a key has been allocated to every single character. Decodeunicode is a comprehensive book that displays all 109,242 characters and it invites you to take on a journey all around the world to see the massive diversity of characters that have ever been invented.

Bonus Read: Forget all the rules you ever learned about graphic design. Including the ones in his book. (By Bob Gill)

The problem is the problem. This book is all about ordinary graphic problems and how the problems themselves can lead to surprising, original graphic solutions. If you can get your hands on this, do it. Bob Gill gives us a little insight into his thinking behind design problems and how he solves them.