Meet the team of Issue Ten!

Meet the team of Issue Ten!

Meet the team of Issue Ten!

L-R, TOP TO BOTTOM: Joanne Tran, Saafiyah Hussain, Amanda Fung, An Bach, Peita Jackson, Lucy Chambers and Amy Toma.

As you might have guessed from our Instagram posts our new team has been chipping away at issue 10 for a while now. We are 5-6 weeks into the production of the next issue and with it comes the same challenges each team has faced so far...but with the additional twists and turns. No spoilers will be given away just yet! Let's just say that we are once again challenging the notion of what IS a magazine!

Now onto the team—these guys are, after all, the highlight! We have seven new designers from Universities across the board including UTS, UNSW and Billy Blue. It's interesting to note that a few of these designers are onto their second 'careers'. Some have started out in architecture, law and real estate, having not yet found their calling migrated to design and here they plan to stay. 



Tell us a little bit about yourself!
Amanda: Hey! I’m Amanda - I’m currently a 3rd year VisCom student at UTS. I really value design that’s intentional and considerate. When I’m not designing, I’m probably overthinking.

Amy: My name is Amy, I’m 21 and am studying Visual Communication at UTS. I like buying lots of books that I don’t end up reading and trying heaps of DIY projects.

An: I am An. I am a final year viscom student at UTS.

Joanne: I’m Joanne and I recently graduated from an architecture degree and a diploma in graphic design. I enjoy illustration, photography and sewing.

Lucy: I’m Lucy and I’m from New Zealand, and before that, England, hence the strange fusion of accents. My design journey was actually very late blooming. I enjoyed visual arts at school but at the time thought it was nothing more than scratching a creative itch I had, and wasn’t something that I ever thought about pursuing.

Peita: I am getting ready to launch career 2.0. As the years started slipping by I realised if I didn’t act now I never would. I don’t know where my graphic design journey will take me yet, but I’m open to and ready for all possibilities. I’ve been balancing my Graphic Design studies with my family - shooting the breeze with one very clever man while we raise our two boys. These days I find myself rediscovering my art and design library (and sneaking new titles home). I have a passion for all things vintage and with a story/patina attached, particularly the mid-century modern aesthetic. I have an aversion to beige things. I have just started AWARD School - I feel proud to have been accepted.

Saafiyah: Hey I'm Saafiyah, a struggling architecture student with a strong love for publication design. When I tell people that they seem to always respond with, "oh that explains the eyebags," and they are not wrong.

How did you get into design? Was there a defining moment that made you want to pursue it?
Amanda: There wasn’t necessarily a defining moment that made me want to pursue design, I’ve always just kind of had a vague interest for it. I only really started becoming passionate about design through a high school teacher who sort of became my mentor. I didn’t initially choose to pursue design right after that because I had always saw design as a kind of a guilty pleasure, but now I’ve somehow found my back to it.

Amy: I’ve always been creative as long as I can remember, so I thought design would be a good thing to do after finishing school. Kind of went into it blind expectation-wise but I was pleasantly surprised and have loved it ever since.

An: I was in law school before and I quit to do design. During my time in law school is when I knew that I wanted to do design. I wanted to create something that is meaningful to me, and hopefully to other people as well.

Joanne: I’ve always been a creative person, but wasn’t sure of which side of design I wanted to pursue. Ultimately, I chose to do graphic design because it allowed me to do a little bit of everything.

Lucy: I wasn’t ever introduced to design, or the fact that me caring about the font that I used in my science homework actually translated into a profession. It was only about 8 months into my pr & advertising degree that I was with with a friend who studies architecture and I remember feeling jealous that what she was required to do for uni that week, was something that she would have chosen to do in her spare time. I had a bit of an epiphany moment and realised that I was doing the wrong degree, and that there was this opportunity to turn what I actually found really fulfilling could be turned into a career.

Peita: I’ve always been into design - interiors, furniture, posters, magazines, illustrating, printing and tracing as a kid, but I don’t think I knew what graphic design was until I was an adult. My most prized possessions were sheets of Letraset, Dover Clip Art books - particularly Decorative Borders which I still have, and my lettering book. I discovered Herb Lubalin’s cleverness quite early on. It never seemed like the right time to change tack in my career, so I considered design just a hobby. I found myself unable to create some of the things I wanted to with a computer and had very limited traction trying to teach myself Illustrator.

Saafiyah: I have always been into design and I don’t think I can think of a single defining moment that made me pursue it. There are however multiple contributing factors, the most prominent moment being when I would beg my parents to turn on Better Homes and Gardens so I could watch the architecture segment and then I would beg them again for the 3D visualisation software they would advertise at the end of the show. They ended up buying it for me, I’m spoilt I know.

Who/what influences you and the style of your work?
Amanda: I wouldn’t say that my work has developed a discernible style yet to distinguish a specific influence…right now though, I’m really loving the work coming out of Foreign Policy.

Amy: I draw inspiration from many sources, including people and places that I encounter. Magazines I love are Cult Classic and Here Magazine.

An: My inspiration usually comes from my culture. I try to include a bit of my culture in all the work that I do (where appropriate) because I am interested in cultural studies in general. I also like geometric shapes, especially the circle. Other than that, anything that is “trending” since I want to experiment new things.

Joanne: Ryan Carl

Lucy: Marina Veziko’s work inspires me, she’s a designer from Finland and the way she describes her own work is a fairly accurate representation of everything I am drawn to; “ranges from sleek minimalism to bright maximalism and leans on nuanced typography and arresting imagery”. My friend also once said to me when looking at my work “its so ‘you’, its muted colours with one bright primary accent and a funky serif”.

Peita: I love starting with a visual search on Behance and then going down a rabbit hole. I’m always drawn to strongly coloured design and work where you can see the hand of the designer. I am enthralled by For The People’s design work and they publish articles about their process which is great. Other than For The People, I am inspired by Foreign Policy, Marrimekko, Boccalatte, CSA Design and Michael Bierut’ oeuvre. I always find something new in my design books and magazines - Uppercase is a favourite magazine and I’m currently reading Aaron Draplin’s Pretty Much Everything. I love mid-century design and colours - House Industries, Ole Eksell, Charley Harper and illustrators as varied as Alice Lindstrom to Malika Favre.

Saafiyah: I'd say my general style has been really shaped by the 2010-2012 tumblr era. Recently though, I find influence from artists and theorists. Alexis Christodoulou’s art is based on architecture in a dream-like reality and Keiichi Matsuda’s video visualisations of the future of society really shaped my mode of thinking.

Ask 6 people you know what colour they think you would be. let us know what colour you think you are too.
Amanda: Here’s what people have said:

Cream white
Grey blue
Pale blue
Moss green

I would agree with moss green because it’s a quiet, kind of unobtrusive colour.

Amy: neon green x3, chocolate brown, lilac purple, tangerine, orange, sage green

An: I asked my mum, my best friend and some of my friends which colours they think that I would be. My mum and best friend think that pastel pink is the colour for me since the way I look at life is quite naive and ‘through rose tinted glasses’. My other friends think I am either a neon green, a tangerine or a hot pink. Their reason is that I am a bright and happy person, I am quite bold when it comes to makeup, fashion and design. I personally think that I am a pink. Because I like something bold as red but also elegant and simple like white. Sometimes I would want to be pastel pink, the other time is hot pink.

Joanne: Aqua or teal

Lucy: Yellow, yellow, electric blue, orange, mustard, navy blue. I’d say I’m yellow.

Peita: I am green - I agree. My children think I’m yellow, but other people think green.

Saafiyah: It was a 50/50 split between teal and mustard yellow. I had 3 people tell me mustard yellow purely because of the two times I've worn that colour around them.
I like to think I’m a blue. The blue of a stilled clear ocean.

If you were a typeface, what would you be?
Amanda: Simula…detailed and considerate but a little naive.

Amy: VTF Tiny

An: If I were a typeface, I would love to be Futura. It is versatile, not decorative but can be decorative, and most importantly is based on geometric shapes *heart eyes*.

Lucy: IvyPresto! It is one of very few typefaces that I like to use in all styles and weights. It is balanced & delicate, which reflects the perfectionist in me. But it’s the funky serifs and high weight contrast that speaks to my cheerful and creative side. Currently I would say I most identify with ‘thin italic’.

Peita: It would have to be something by Violaine et Jeremie - their typefaces are so unique. I love Voyage - the ‘g’ is so quirky and magical - who wouldn’t want to be quirky and magical.

Saafiyah: Montserrat, medium.

Describe yourself using just 2 emojis.
Amanda: 🙂🥲
Amy: 🧚‍♂️🍦
An: 😍✨
Joanne: 🌻 /😲 😀
Lucy: 🧦 🥝
Peita: 📣💡
Saafiyah: 🌟😴



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