It’s that time of the year again where we introduce you to the latest and greatest designers who have been working their butts off to bring you Ligature Journal Issue Three. Over the last few weeks our team have been tirelessly sourcing content, designing spreads, and scribbling away to bring you a handful of amazing content. #squadgoals

Our project managers for this issue are Madelene and Matilda. This duo know one another inside out, the strengths, the weaknesses and most of all how to bounce off one another to produce great work and achieve the best possible result.

With Madelene growing up in regional Armidale and Matilda on the Central coast, their collective personality is a mixture of the country’s work ethic and coastal approachability. The girls share an appreciation for the simpler things such as film photography, the ocean and getting their hands dirty. A real girl power duo with subtle hints of Thelma and Louise.

As for our content managers, I’d like to introduce you to Alessia and Liam. These polar opposites make the perfect power couple, showcasing Liam’s attention to detail and spiritual outlook mashed together with the creative confidence of Alessia.

Do not underestimate these guys.

Alessia is an aspiring designer particularly driven by design thinking, applying it to all forms of life to be a problem seeker and solver. Having design to express this is liberating for Alessia, as she holds a close tie between her environment and her design thinking.

Liam or ‘Lee-ium’, his creative alias openly admits to being a full-blown hippie and this evidently informs and influences his approach to design. Spirituality, philosophy and religion are key elements to his work as a designer and many of his best ideas in areas like typography, photography and branding have taken inspiration from these three concepts.

In charge of sourcing our marketing and social media content are Maria and Nick.

Maria is a bit of a fashionista. Forward thinking, her Korean culture influences her style and knowledge of what’s cool and current worldwide. She spends her days lusting over cha-time bubble tea, scrolling endlessly down Instagram and capturing the world around her though a unique and unfiltered lens.

Nick’s strengths lie in his passion and determination to take the perfect photo and write a witty caption to complement. His interests of fashion, music and popular-culture inform his often satirical approach to his design work in packaging, film and branding. He regularly spends his days listening to his expertly-curated playlists, by the beach reading or eating sushi.

Lost without one another, these guys are like Tim Tams and milk; they just work better together.

Our trio of senior designers, Carrie, Sophie, and Ellie, are the all seeing eyes behind the creative process of the magazine, with a keen attention to detail they can spot a double space from a mile away.

Carrie’s unique approach to design is reflected through her eye for colour schemes, diligent details in illustrations and her passion for the written word. A people person, Carrie is the best friend you met yesterday that you feel like you’ve known forever.

Sophie has a passion for art and design, in particular photography. Most of her design work is done digitally. However, she loves experimenting with different artistic methods such as paper cutting and coloured pencil. She enjoys reading, listening to classic rock, binge watching tv shows and cafe hopping around Sydney.

Bring on Ellie Jee. Ellie loves drawing, (or doodling), reading (pictures) and coke! Bringing unique and beautiful design ideas to the table, Ellie is the cherry on top of our senior designer sundae.

Ayeesha, Gintare and Emma complete the team.

From an early age Ayeesha would sit and watch her step mother on the computer play around with layouts and design which is where she thinks her passion for design came from. Because of this she loves playing around with typography and layouts, starting with physically cutting and gluing elements to create work.

Gintare is a classical artist who is currently studying graphic design. She is enthusiastic about creating visual art with either piece of charcoal or computer mouse. You can find her playing in the kitchen or talking to neighbourhood dogs.

Finally we have Emma, a lover of all things art and design. Emma loves to branch out and have a go at everything, constantly hopping from one hobby to the next. As a kid she made magazines, out of craft paper and Crayola products, so she couldn't be more excited to work on Ligature Journal.

Now you know the crew, shuffle your bookshelf around and make space for Ligature Journal Issue Three, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on the latest and greatest. Catch you on the flip side (of the page). Sorry not sorry. - LJ