Meet The Issue Zero Team

Audience, I would like to formally introduce you to the Ligature Issue Zero team. First and foremost, I would like to introduce Johanna and Myself (Nate). We are the project managers. Often told we are organised and perfectionists, a duo is built like a freight train of creative thinking and motivation. We love what we do and love our team! What do I do in my spare time? Other than fight for the rights for equality and get far to engrossed in podcasts (those things are addictive), I try to inspire the rest of the team. I assign the tasks directly and ensure this little beauty of a blog is running at tip-top shape.

On top of this, Johanna is the best thing since sliced bread! Literally, I don’t know how this could have happened without her. Her favourite type face is Georgia, so when you see it, she probably isn’t far away. But Hanna is more behind the scenes, with a REALLY LARGE workload on her plate I have to commend her for the amazing efforts and time she puts into this. A titan among us.

No team can ever be completed without an unstoppable sisterhood. Rosie, Sarah, Anne and Sabrina. You will never see any of these girls without a camera or a fabulous set of coloured pencils in their bags. Dynamic hair colours and equally powerful creative minds. They may be modest, but these girls are talented. Because once you think outside of the box, you can never go back. Rosie is also our liaison manager and she is just so on the ball, where would we be without her?

Next up are our illustrators. Khanh, Kei and Athalia can draw anything. Their skills I’m pretty sure are limitless, in my mind there is pretty much nothing they can’t do. They are like the three musketeers, but their weapons are a pad and pencil – it takes drawing to a whole new level. Plus their stick figures are boss (I mean, you should see the marketing posters). You’ll see quite a bit of their work in the publication and you should be excited for it. They could take on the world.

Then there is Matt. He helps out everywhere, there’s no I in team here! If you had to chance to see him in his natural habitat, you’d see his cool tattoo sleeve and beard (especially for Movember) in the zone, sitting there in earphones, designing away. No-one is stopping this machine. He has grown very fond of fruit during this issue, as you will soon see.

Last, but definitely not least. Ally. Not your average run of the mill blog writer or designer. She has said to me that her hobbies include eating, sleeping and petting her cat… Incase you were curious. Keen for work, bright and early. Keen to bring positive energy and ideas but never the last to leave (because parking costs a lot around the city, so let’s be real). Like everyone else on our team, she is a designer too and helped us on many occasions with marketing and contributors.

I love our little team and have really enjoyed the Ligature Journal ride, creating the first ever issue has been such an achievement. I can’t wait for everyone to read Issue Zero.