Harcus Design, a thank-you

Harcus Design, a thank-you

Harcus Design, a thank-you
Harcus Design

Maine Beach/Ligurian Honey. Harcus Design. Photography by Mark Burgin.

Behind every good design studio is a team of people who contribute their time, skills and ideas to craft the perfect execution for their clients projects. This is no different for Harcus Design and so they offer this thank-you to those designers. Founded in 1982 by Annette Harcus, Harcus Design is a multi-disciplined studio with ‘an approach to create outcomes beyond what were then traditional boundaries’. The distinctive work produced by Harcus Design has gone one to receive awards both nationally and internationally. Today, Harcus Design is one of the longest running practices and remains one of the few design practices led by a woman (in Australia).

We were privileged and lucky enough to have interviewed Annette for issue seven, talking to her about design in Australia and Australian design. Within our article we showcase a few projects from Harcus Design and we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight the amazing people who have worked on them and at Harcus Design.

Annette believes in the importance of acknowledging and thanking the individuals that have worked on the various projects and the following are some of the key people of the studio over the last five to fourteen years:

Phoebe Besley
Nicole Kaminski
Kirstin Davidson
Melonie Ryan
Jamie (Jisun) Kim
Marianne Malafosse
Stephanie Martin
Lang Walker
Markus Beige
Hans Kohla
Simon Blazey
Mario Milostic
Lucy Walker
Kristin Thieme
Melinda Dudley
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