Ligature Journal Connecting Thinking and Design

So we have a website now and we have the inaugural issue of Ligature Journal – connecting thinking and design – under way, which means we don't have a lot to show just now. 

Perhaps in the meantime read about us and begin following us on: Facebook Instagram and Twitter would be a very nice idea. Then you can keep up to date with what is going on here really easily. Ligature Journal is the printed voice for a community of people who are interested in design and the thinking that goes into design. A community that expresses itself through design, that celebrates and explores the ideas that inform and connect design across a multitude of disciplines. A community that loves exciting design. Our writing is always thoughtful and intelligent, and supplied by mature practitioners. Ligature Journal is also a teaching tool, providing valuable and in-depth experience in editorial and print design to a small group of intern designers who make up the design team for each issue. Ligature Journal is published by Tiliqua Press. Established in 2015, Tiliqua Press is a small press based in Sydney, Australia. We love printed things and we believe that there are plenty of people who feel the way we do.

Tiliqua Press aims to produce useful and interesting printed ‘objects’, books, and a magazine for designers in Australia and New Zealand (markets that we believe are not well serviced by mainstream publishers). We expect that these products should also appeal to designers and print lovers all around the globe.