A Year of Making

A Year of Making

A Year of Making

Being creative requires effort, and a constant flow of new ideas. If you are a designer, and I presume you are, you will know this. Keeping up the flow of new ideas is hard as well and it is possible to lose that stream. When this happens you need to find a way to refresh the source of ideas.

Here at the home of Ligature Journal, Tiliqua Press, coming to the end of one of the most unsettling summers that we have ever experienced this is where we find ourselves; the stream of ideas, and energy, are running low.

What to do? Chill? Travel? Play? This past summer in Sydney chilling has been a little problematic with the fires, and for travel too perhaps. So play then.

Taking this idea of play and running with it we have decided to make 2020 a year of making, a year of play. What do we mean? Well, in addition to producing another issue of the Journal we will be experimenting with the resources and skills we have, to develop them, to strengthen them, in other words to explore possibilities. We are going to play with the tools we have and see what happens.

If you have been following us for a while you may know that the team here has skills in typography and image making. We want to take these further and see how we can build on them with the facilities we have in the studio, relief (and letterpress) and digital printing processes, and also look into how we might incorporate other techniques we can access through industry contacts, like screenprinting and risography.

A lot of this will be about having some fun, with the goal of actually producing things, of course, broadening the range of what we do at Tiliqua Press. We believe that this exploration will have other benefits like improving the experience of our Ligature design teams and also our Ligature readers, ie you.

Is it going to be messy?

We hope so. Is it going to be intense? We hope so. Will we fail at things? Maybe, a bit. Will it exciting and fun? Absolutely. And we have a few collars in mind as well. To add fresh perspectives into the mix as well.

2020 A Year of Making. Yeah, bring it on.

Oh and by the way you can follow progress on Instagram