A new local print shop with heart (and no MOQ's!)—Halo Print Co.

A new local print shop with heart (and no MOQ's!)—Halo Print Co.

A new local print shop with heart (and no MOQ's!)—Halo Print Co.

Halo Print Co is the brainchild of husband and wife team, Meagan and Angel Monsanto. It’s a new print shop that recently opened in Newtown in Sydney’s Inner West offering custom printed tees and other apparel, on-demand printing and a same-day print service. The retail store may only be about a year old but Meagan and Angel have been in the fashion/garment industry game for a while.

The motivations behind Halo came about from their years in the wholesale apparel industry where they noticed lackluster customer service and a gap in apparel print-shop offerings. Family and friends and other people they knew had been requesting the same thing over and over again—same day printed garments! Meagan and Angel put their heads together and ironed out a business plan that resulted in Halo Print Co. and after investing a healthy house deposit, here they are in Newtown with their own retail shop.

All businesses begin with a seed, an idea, and we can never fully imagine how something will grow until it starts growing and the same can be said for Halo Print Co—as Angel explains;

Oh boy! It’s evolved to become something we didn’t even think it would be. Originally we had this idea of being a high end boutique style design house (Meagan's background) that helps brands start up and do everything very clean. After focusing on our image heaps, once we opened up in Newtown, we realised no one was expecting us to be this real clean boutique, instead people just want a down to earth local printer that gets stoked about their ideas,’ he says. ‘So, from Bondi Boutique print shop to skate-shop inspired local print shop where you can come in, listen to some good tunes, chill with the dog, and get some tees printed…it's been a journey but we love our business so much more than before haha. That's a huge thanks to the chilled out Newtown community of course!

Perhaps its being in the heart of Newtown or perhaps it’s because of Meagan and Angel (we think it’s both) but as you step into the store you’re greeted by a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The cherry on top? A sweet little Honey (read: resident mascot and print shop dog) chilling on the couch. So there’s no surprise when we say Halo is focused on customer service and being as transparent and sustainable as possible when it comes to where their t-shirts are sourced right up to the types of inks they use in their production— choosing AS Colour tees and working with Armour Inks who produce sustainable water-based and vegan inks. Halo is very much a sustainably driven print shop but that’s not to say they don’t offer cheaper tees and plastic based inks, they always try to steer their customers towards the more ethical choices.

We SPECIALISE in same day custom printed tees and we're one of the only retail shops who do their printing in-house. Its extremely hard to find a place, in a populated retail area like Newtown, where you can make a custom tee for less than what you can purchase most vintage tees in the area for. That’s our main selling point! We're a small owner-operated print shop who really really cares about making your designs and ideas look as rad as possible! We get such a high watching people unbox their gear and get stoked haha.

Starting up a business in a new place under any circumstances is a bit terrifying so when life throws a PANDEMIC in the mix?? Alll bets are off. But that’s exactly what Meagan and Angel did back in 2020 when they moved their Bondi-based print shop to Newtown leaving behind their boutique image and swapping it for the laidback, skate-shop inspired atmosphere that Newtown has to offer. As Angel says the new venture was Surprisingly...extremely easy but risky. Meagan had lost a lot of work due to the pandemic so we needed a way for us to make more money which is why we considered the retail shop option. The easiest part was finding a place since, unfortunately for a lot of businesses, they've closed down, leaving the rental market ripe for the picking. We snagged a real cute spot that used to be a tile shop, for a good price. We invested some time and money cleaning it up and refurbishing it and viola...here we are! We're well aware the pandemic was such a hard time for a lot of people, but luckily for us, it gave us the needed push to follow something that's been on our hearts for years.

This year has only just begun and there’s so much to look forward to in 2021.

We're definitely looking forward to working closely with the people & businesses of the Newtown community. Last year was an absolute blast, creating things for locals, and we're stoked to dig our toes in a bit deeper and work on making Halo a trusted name in the community whether someone needs a quick & cheeky gift for a mate, or if they’re an artist trying to start their own label, we're here to support them!

Get your custom printed merchandise at Halo Print Co., follow them on Instagram @haloprintco or visit them at their retail store: Shop 5, 480 King Street, Newtown, NSW 2042