Meet the Design Team for Issue Two


Design Team

Finally, you get to meet the designers at the heart of this issue of Ligature Journal –Anita, Eric, Fernanda, Hugo, Kevin, Tiffany and Yunna. This dynamic team has come together from all walks of life bringing with them an eclectic mix of design styles and skills! From passionate photographers, to amazing illustrators (and even our own super-gifted hand typographer) our talented design team will make sure Ligature Journal is jam packed with beautiful imagery and creative ideas from start to finish.

They are working tirelessly together to marry the vision of the senior designers with the ideas and stories of our amazing contributors. It is their job to bring together all the components of this issue to create a visually exciting yet cohesive journal for your reading pleasure. Can they do all this, and reflect the values of Ligature Journal and our theme ‘Design for Good’?

We think they can. Stay with us on this journey to find out!


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